About Wilf

'A happy, down-to-earth character with a crystal ball!'

The boy who wanted to be 27 years old . . .

Wilf Truscott, who originally comes from Plymouth, Devon in the South West of England, is from a long line of Clairvoyant Spiritualist Mediums. He is now happily settled on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus after his move in April 2006. Wilf found he was strongly drawn to the island following a brief visit in 2004.

Originally Wilf’s family come from Cornwall around the St Ives area, where Truscott is a very old and well-known Cornish name. The story that is handed down through Wilf’s family is they are descendents from Cornish gypsies and tinkers. We also believe there were many gifted clairvoyants in the family, one in particular Wilf’s great-grandmother, on his father’s side of the family was a very gifted clairvoyant.

When Wilf was a child, if asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would always answer ‘27 years old’. This strange response was finally explained when he reached that age and was told by an elderly clairvoyant friend of the family, Connie, that he had the gift of second sight.

This revelation explained the many strange things that had happened to Wilf over the years. Connie then helped Wilf to develop, use and cherish his gift until her early death only eight weeks later. One day Connie sent for Wilf and he told her that she would be out of pain in three days time. She then asked Wilf to go and see her in hospital which he did just before she died three days after she had sent for him. One of Wilf’s most treasured possessions, a vase of Connie’s that she asked him to take, to remember her by.

The will of the spirits . . .

image Wilf became a full-time professional clairvoyant at the age of 32 following a back injury, by which time he already had a following of loyal customers from his part-time activities of learning his trade. Wilf firmly believes that his injury and move to being a full-time medium was the will of the spirits. He states that from that time he has never looked back, nor wanted for anything, despite taking such a risky step.

Apart from the gift of clairvoyance, Wilf also has very strong healing powers and has helped many people and animals over the years and particularly since his move to Cyprus. Over time he has been able to either heal people, help in the relief of pain or aid in the remission of a variety of chronic conditions. He is even able to give healing over the telephone.

Over the years his gift of clairvoyance has grown and grown to the point where he can do readings and spiritual healing from photographs and over the telephone. He has customers all over the world and has given many radio interviews for the BBC in Devon and the Channel Islands and other local radio stations. One of Wilf’s personal successes over the years was when he appeared at the community hall in Looe, Cornwall, and the queue outside was so bad that he could not even get in to start the evening. Wilf’s main ambition in life now is to do a television show incorporating live healing.

People who have met Wilf, would describe him as a remarkable and unassuming character who is neither sensational nor theatrical in his professional dealings. There is not an earring or spotted scarf to be seen! Just a happy down-to-earth character with a crystal ball!