Wilf's book - The Chosen Spirit

'A window into the spirit world'

This unique collaboration brings together . . .

Wilf Truscott (the clairvoyant), Lillian Rose James (the chosen spirit) and Lawrence James (son and author). To bring you a fascinating script where over 300 questions are answered through direct contact with the spirit world..

Their chosen spirit, Lilian Rose James, speaking through Wilf Truscott, relays to us the purpose of our lives and with the aid of much older spirits then present, gives answers to many of the questions surrounding the mysteries and myths of the past and more recent events.

Many subjects are covered including;

This book has been written to enlighten mankind. It tells about the fact that we spirits exist and how we do, why we are here, where we are going and what we must do, humans and spirits alike, to survive on our planet"... (204 pages). Price £5.50

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