Asking specific questions

Wilf will anwer specific questions

I have decided to offer an additional service of offering to answer specific questions for times when you just have some specific queries that you want answering.

Almost every day of the week I am asked various questions by clients and I am not always in the position to answer them. Hence my reasons for setting up this new service.

When constructing your questions, please ask them as directly and concisely as possible. Please be to the point and do not give me a riddle to solve!

You may ask questions regarding family, health, relationships, career, money or anything else you desire.

If you want to ask a question or make contact with a loved one that has passed over, please let me know who they are and when they passed over.

Click here to ask 3 questions £4.00

Click here to ask 7 questions £10.00

Click here to ask 10 questions £15.00

Your answers will be recorded and sent to you via e-mail in the normal way.

I hope you like the new facility and that it will fill a gap for you in times of need or in between full readings.