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  • Wilf's Magic

    Hi wilf, i would just like to thank you for the weight loss disc. Firstly, i am a pastry chef so i am surrounded by food so temptation is a daily thing, im not massively over weight but enough to make me self conscious and uncomfortable, over the years ive tried diet pills, fad diets, protein diets, milkshakes, soups, clubs, you name it I've tried it !! So your disc came and i had a listen while i was pottering around, then the next day i listened properly and it became a daily ritual!!! My son listened to his healing disc and i had my weight loss one, and i have to say IT WORKS, I'im steadily losing weight and I am happy with the results, thank you so much for however you work your magic !
    Kind Regards
    R.N. Devon

  • Real Deal

    I have used Wilf's services on several occasions and he's always been accurate and very kind, from telling me only things I know, like I need to clean the oven or my car needs a new tyre, to naming times, initials and things to come across the months ahead. Lots have come true already. The great thing about a reading from Wilf is its in a 'wave' file, so it feels like he's just in the room with you, and you can make notes and listen over again if you need too.
    Wilf has helped me not to worry about things I can't change and has given me hope and things to look forward too, he is certainly the real deal.

    H.A. UK
  • Another Reading

    Hi Wilf, it's been 7 months since you did my reading and so much has changed. At the end with the questions you said the lady that was speaking to you told you to tell me that if I don't want to know to turn the tape off and that you'd never said that before. Well in those answers were a long thing about my partner and him needing to change although he did love me he needed to show it not be selfish etc well we are no longer together and haven't been for 5 months. Also you said about you were feeling a pain that you thought was to do with me in the abdomen (lower) and I needed to see someone, just before xmas I ended up having my ovaries removed because of a cancer scare. The original reading I lost as my phone broke and it wasn't saved anywhere else but I feel I'm in a place I want another reading from you. We had a death in October just my life is so different. I want to see who comes through and get some guidance from the spiritual world. You said a lot of things in the over half hour reading last time and all of it made sense, even things you said you didn't understand. I'll go through your website and make payment just wanted you to know about the last reading and how accurate.
    Can't wait for my next reading and who comes through and get some guidance.
    Kind regards.

    N.Z. UK

  • More Advice

    Dear Wilf,

    I cannot thank you enough...
    your words are like a warm pillow to me. I wish I could meet you to discuss more and get your advice.

    Do you accept private visits in your place, or are you able to visit if your route is near my home anytime?

    M.F. Cyprus

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