Wilf's Healing Touch

'The Healing That Stays With You'

How the gift came about . . .

Wilf was working with the spirits on a new book when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a group of five young children who were holding hands and dancing around him. One child spoke to him and told him to write down the word ‘silver’…  Wilf did this and the spirit then told him this was the special healing colour that he had been given to help with absent healing

Although Silver fabric is difficult to come by, Wilf has produced his own silver cloth, with which to make Wilf's Healing Touch Cloths. Wilf's Healing Touch Clothes are also especially effective for those suffering from debilitating condition and those who have to spend long periods in bed.

Once the cloths were ready Wilf sat holding and feeling them to put his healing powers into the fabric. To Wilf's own amazement, following the very first trial of the cloth, he found that a spirit of the person he was healing was in the room and was touching the cloth to heal their loved one.

Now known as 'Wilf's Healing Touch' these cloths have been a huge success and have given many people so much relief and comfort. In particular they have been of great help to people suffering from the following problems:

This new version of the Healing Touch Cloths are designed to offer an improved level of healing, especially for the infirm and bed-bound. They are 1 metre by 2 metres it can be placed above the mattress sheet on the bed for maximum effect especially for those suffering from debilitating illnesses. You can you can choose to be above or below the healing cloth, but the main thing is you are in contact with the healing cloth, or you can just wrap them round the effected area.

These are available to buy online (postage worldwide is included in the price).