Weight Loss

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So many people have enquired about assistance with weight loss over the years, so I have created a programme with the help of the spirit world and in particular your family and friends who have passed away.

This new programme has been tried out by many clients in recent months, and all have claimed that it helps them. However, there is no miracle cure, you have to help yourself as well! You need to listen and follow my instructions.

You won't find an easier method

The instructions are all set out on a downloadable audio file.

Wilf has prepared an introduction to the system, just click on Wilf"s picture on the right to hear what he has to say. Then for instant access click the Buy Now button below and pay your fee of £5.00 (Five Pounds) by credit or debit card via PayPal.

Wilf's Healing Touch Cloths

This new version of the Wilf's Healing Touch Cloths are designed to offer an improved level of healing, especially for the infirm and bed-bound. They are 1 metre by 2 metres and can be placed above the top sheet on the bed for maximum effect especially for those suffering from debilitating illnesses. Or you can just wrap them round the effected area.

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